Reunited shoegaze legends RIDE have not been resting on their laurels, having released their charming LP in Weather Diaries, last year, along with with the wonderful stand alone Pulsar this past November.

Today Ride have shared the next track from the upcoming Tomorrow’s Shore EP with us—the shimmering Catch You Dreaming—a track showcasing the EP’s continuation the astronaut theme featured on Pulsar’s artwork.

Andy Bell has stated that originally the track had been intended to be included on the last LP Weather Diaries, but during those sessions the band could not settle on a final version of the song.

This arguably was a good decision, as the result is quite remarkable.

Bell goes on to elaborate on the track’s themes (which we might add, is reminiscent of a few episodes of Doctor Who):

“Catch You Dreaming is written from the perspective of being one of the last two people alive, watching as the Universe is ending. The protagonist looks back over the time when humanity existed, realising that we as humans brought about our own inevitable demise. Then the couple look back over their own lives of shared memories and as they are sharing this moment, everything vaporises. It’s a love song about fate, nostalgia, and having no regrets.”

The Tomorrow’s Shore EP lands February 16th.

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