I remember when we used to live in a rush

I remember every look and every touch

it’s so strange how things will change

The flowers that you send arrive much too late

True Body, formed in 2015 in Richmond, VA,  balances pop sensibilities with hardcore and a lust for experimentation in their songwriting. The band, comprised of a diverse collective of souls, describes themselves as: “denizens of the hardcore and punk spheres, powerful trans thinkers and magicians, soldiers of techno and other various dance musik disciplines.” Their primary concern is energy, and the spirit of their shows often plays out as ecstatic, Dionysian affairs. They hold this aspect of catharsis dear, as it has been their saving grace allegorically and literally over the years.

Their latest offering from their Temple of Song LP (out November 18th), “Jade Green,” is an emotional maelstrom, performed exquisitely by their vocalist, Ivy Moreno-Riaño: “This song is about feeling torn and ultimately returning to a romantic manipulator for one last taste of saccharine deception,” she explains.  The lyrics are a maddening dance between temptation and choosing the right path.

The accompanying music video clip, a VHS-laden kaleidoscope directed and shot by Travis Waddell and produced by Oblique TV, is a chaotic journey through Los Angeles, using archival footage from True Body’s first tour of the West Coast.

Watch the video for “Jade Green” below:

True Body’s previous single, “Signal,” was demoed out in early 2016, buried in a hard drive until its unveiling during their first full US tour supporting GosT. True Body has also collaborated with Perturbator,  as well as recorded three songs for a split with noise-trap outfit Digital Hell.

An impassioned hymn on the beauty of action, “Signal” finds the band at the height of their powers. Even as this is their first time working together, the talent of producer Sasha Stroud is apparent here. She owns and runs Artifact Audio NYC “a trans built, owned, and operated Recording/Mixing/Mastering studio located in Maspeth, Queens.” Her clients include Warthog, L.O.T.I.O.N., Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, and Headsplitters.

“Sasha helped us achieve a sound that is as close as we’ve gotten to the heart of our musical intentions,” says the band.

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