Beijing’s Re-TROS (Rebuilding the Rights of Statues) is a Chinese Post-Punk band that originally took some of their influences from Joy Division and Bauhaus, but have evolved into something wonderfully creative and avant-garde since their debut EP ‘Cut Off !’ back in 2005—Which seems to have been a natural progression, as that EP featured none other Brian Eno himself on keys!

Since they were prominently featured in our Post-Punk In China special editorial a few years back, it is‘s  pleasure to premiere Re-TROS’ newest single Hailing Drums ahead of the release of their sophomore LP ‘Before The Applause’ (due September 15th) via China’s largest indie record label Modern Sky.

“‘Hailing Drums’ is the first song [where] we’ve used the Dave Smith Sequencer, it makes us feel like something is [perpetually] moving forward. This song is more like a scene: the vagrants are hailing, beating drums and bones, and sinking the crowd into silence.”

Before The Applause‘ was recorded and mixed by Hector Castillo (Philipp Glass, David Bowie, Björk) in Beijing and Brooklyn. Listen to the refreshingly original experimental electronic track Hailing Drums below:mor

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01. Hum (1:36)
02. Hailing Drums (9:14)
03. Red Rum Aviv (5:31)
04. 8+2+8 I (4:45)
05. 8+2+8 II (10:18)
06. Pigs In The River (6:43)
07. At Mosp Here (12:06)
08. The Last Dance, W. (6:39)
09. Sounds For Celebration (7:00)

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