[dropcap]William[/dropcap] Maybelline returns with a new release from his EBM and Wave project Qual. The release contains 3 tracks on a new 12″ maxi-single that comes out on Avant! Records on Feb 15th. The pulsing lead track Cupio Dissolvi has its video featured above—a surreal exploration of the cityscape from metro to cathedral—with intermittent footage of masked ritualistic eroticism that evokes both Fellini and David Lynch.

Photo of Qual by Maru

The other two tracks on the record are certainly not filler; Bloody Blob is a marching kinesis of EBM and Martial Industrial, and Rape Me in the Parthenon is an intense 8 minute dancefloor fury that has been featured in DJ sets by techno artist Ancient Methods.

Indeed—this is excellent followup material to Qual’s 2015 debut LP Sable.

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