William Maybelline is back with another hard hitting track from Qualhis meaner, darker, and nastier persona that he moonlights under when not performing as half of beloved post-punk duo Lebanon Hanover.

When William first emerged as Qual back in 2014, he made his intentions clear that he would be exploring the darkest and grimmest areas in synth-based music.

Initially his debut LP Sable was unapologetically gothic, but the progression had already begun, and through the uncompromising onslaught of his Cupio Dissolvi EP and last year’s album The Ultimate Climax, Maybelline began to merge the despairingly freezing properties of 90s EBM with the more aggressive sensibilities of industrial techno—never diluting the intensity of either.

Now, Maybelline has perfected his synthesis even further, with Qual’s Brand new 4-track EP Cyber Care, out February 15, 2019 through Avant! Records. Avant! is also repressing William Maybelline’s previous Cupio Dissolvi EP on clear wax!

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