William Maybelline has unveiled via his meaner, darker, and nastier persona Qualthe video for “Cyber Care”, the title track from his latest hard-hitting EBM infused EP, released earlier in 2019.

On the song and video, Maybelline explains:

“It is a reflection of today, fast times with constantly evolving technology impossible for humans to catch up… we are already drowning in it. The irony is, I happen to also be obsessed with electricals ever since I was a child. My wife too is into electronic stuff so we just chose to portray the like, and built a type of inescapable electrical hell story around it which linked in the lyrics as well.”

Electrode, diode, chromosome, colour code Central nervous system overload Deprogrammed in another zone Decoded, dissected and thrown

“Cyber Care” is Directed & Edited by MARU with Halo 3D Graphics by ILYA EYTENEYER. Watch the video below:

“Cyber Care” is out now via Avant! Records. Order Here

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