Public Psyche, formerly known as Rape Blossoms are following up their previous records under their flowery former moniker: 2011’s ‘Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven’ and 2014’s ‘Ruinenlust’.

Public Psyche

Today on we are happy to present their second single ‘Patterns’ off of their new 6 track third LP ‘No New Violence’ which was recorded in their rehearsal space by the notorious Beyt Al Tapes,

Patterns is a hypnotic percussion of smashing psychedelic krautrock—the kind that highlights the parallels of artists like The Soft Moon with their progenitors such as NEU!—while the album as a whole has traces of influences from luminaries such as Fad Gadget or Roxy Music with a lo-fi atmosphere accented by synthesisers and tape delay.

Watch the video for the previous single Veil here

No New Violence comes on September 29th via Hypertension Records

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