The nights are getting longer, and for this we are ever-grateful. Our breath crystallized, nostalgia floating in the ether, these are delicious times. With that in mind, we welcome “The Maze,”  a new track from Felte’s Public Memory, a slinky sliver of night music perfect for these lasting, crisp evenings. Listen below:

“The Maze” is plucked from the upcoming Illusion of Choice EP, the fourth in a series of deep, dubbed-out electronic releases that took Public Memory there and back again. The EP consists of tracks that date back as far as 2015’s Wuthering Drum, but yet tie in thematically to last year’s Demolition LP, one of our favorite releases of 2018. “The Maze” nestles perfectly into Public Memory’s ghost-ridden discography; a series of glitchy percussive beats, art-damaged synths, and Robert Toher’s unsettling tenor. The track also incorporates a slinky, scale-driven bass groove, a slight, but welcome addition to Public Memory’s sonic palate.

Illusion of Choice, by the artists’ design, marks the end of the first phase of Public Memory, but far from the end of the project. The EP is due out on January 10th, 2020 via Felte. Pre-orders are now live on Bandcamp, while “The Maze” is currently available to stream on all digital music outlets for your late night listening pleasure. Check below for the full EP artwork and track listing:

Public Memory- Illusion of Choice EP
1. Ledge of Ash
2. The Maze
3. Before I Forget

Preorder and stream:
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Cover art by Samantha Pease

Photo by Robert Toher


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