Obsession with death in my head all the time

We only change rearranging our mind

Phoenix, Arizona’s Astrologer unveils a new single, Tomorrow, off the upcoming seven-track EP entitled Legerdemain (L), out later this year.

The shimmering song, reminiscent of the more psychedelic bend of the 80s, hearkens back to Stone Roses, The Teardrop Explodes, The Monochrome Set, and Magazine. It’s a jangly, catchy track with a deliciously retro video, created by Salvador Cresta and Candy Caballero. With effects-heavy on the VHS vapourwave trail, it bends time and disorients the viewer…what year IS this?

Watch “Tomorrow below”:

Astrologer is the musical project of songwriter Andrew Cameron Cline, featuring a rotating ensemble of collaborators, blending various influences into an experimental pop mosaic. With material both personal and universal, disparate, and familiar, the common thread running through Astrologer’s songs is Cline’s whimsical sincerity and wonder.

Candy Caballero joins Cline throughout the album as a lead & backup vocalist; Don Bolles of The Germs & 45 Grave also makes an appearance. The album, was produced by Wyatt Blair at Savannah Studios. A fantastic piece of songwriting from Astrologer.

The debut single ‘Tomorrow” from Astrologer is out now via Lolipop Records.

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