It’s no surprise that the Canadian synth band, Psyche, is embedded in the very history of the 1980s dark underground scene with tracks like “Unveiling the Secret”, “The Saint Became a Lush” and the heart-wrenching cover of “Goodbye Horses”. But with their new track, “Youth of Tomorrow”, Psyche proves they are more than a band of the past.

As a song about today’s youth and their disenchantment of the world around them, “Youth of Tomorrow” provides a spark of hope for future generations while, at the same time, maintains the underlying dark cynicism Psyche is known for. Overtop sweet and catchy synthesizer melodies, Darrin Huss’ voice is just as memorable and soulful as ever.

This song finds Psyche leaving their mark on the new Cold Wave generation. utilizing sounds such as the Oberheim Drum Machine that was originally heard in 1985 on The Brain Collapses, and keeping their dark indie moods reminding their audience where they came from while showing the newbies how it’s done! 

“Youth of Tomorrow” will be available via Artoffact and Bandcamp on October 13th. 


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