Goblyn are angry. Furious, even. The German-Aussie psych-punk quartet debuts their dark, pulsating single Wet Dogs (La Pochette Surprise Records). The blistering number describes the struggle with the ouroboros of one’s own psyche, directly fed into the downward spiral of a sick ego. A stranger in your own body. Betrayal.

“You are simply exposed to your own demons,” says Johannes, the band’s singer. “I think a lot of people know this feeling of being completely lost and powerless, more than they would like to admit.”

The accompanying video, directed by Tobias Stiegler (I AM TOST), shows the singer draped over an abandoned metro escalator, writhing about, screeching out his pain and despair before being beaten with a bat by his comrades. An anthem for the times.

The track was recorded and mixed by Velvet Bein, and mastered by Wellenbrecher Audio.

Goblyn, comprised of an Australian guitarist and three German punks, gleefully encompasses the Hamburg subculture. The highly energetic, sourly endearing band sounds like an inglorious liaison between the B52s, Hawkwind and Sleaford Mods, with a little early Horrors thrown in for good measure. Through a fog of faded voices and half-burned spliffs, they’ll catch you off-guard and drag you out of your comfort zone.

Wet Dogs will be released on the 11th of March 2021. Are you prepared? Witness the video premiere below:

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