We are with you on this one Bobby…

Primal Scream Frontman, and Jesus and Mary Chain alumni Bobby Gillespie refused to dance the “Skibidi” while appearing as a guest on the most recent episode of BBC political program The Week.

What was supposed to be a way for Gillespie to voice his strong political opinions against Brexit.

“Politically, we’re going backwards,” he told host Andrew Neil, “we’re going back to the 30s.”

Unfortunately the discussion, which could have ended with dignity, instead turned into something cringe worthy, with Andrew Neil challenging his guest panelists Michael Portillo, a British journalist and former politician, and British Labour Party politician Caroline Flint to the new Russian Dance craze the “Skibidi” by Little Big, a satirical Russian rave band .

The whole scene was so absurd, it resembled something not unlike Mike Myers’ German television host Dieter from SNL’s Sprockets, or Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell’s Night at the Roxybury.

While this ensued, Gillespie sat heroically stoic, like a boss, clearly not amused at the two politicians and television host making asses of themselves.

Watch the full episode below, the dance off starts at around 45 minutes and 30 seconds.

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