New York post-punk/dreampop hybrid The Harrow have returned with another remix from Points of View, a living, breathing album that expands on their 2015 LP Silhouettes.

The latest interpretation hails from Martial Canterel, aka Sean McBride, who constructed the mix in one live take using a series of modular synthesizers. His mix utilizes the bass and vocal track, leaving everything else, including the main spoken-word vocal hook, on the cutting room floor. The mix expands on the original track’s cold exterior, highlighting both The Harrow’s mechanical underbelly as well as McBride’s passion for rhythm and analogue electronics. McBride’s own love for shoegaze replaces the track’s original Curve-esque hooks with washes of synthesizers, and the results are equally ripe for the dance floor.

The track is the third installment of Points of View, following the Azar Swan mix of “Secret Language” and kicking off with Automelodi‘s take on “Kaleidoscope.” The track was mixed by McBride and mastered by Chris King of Cold Showers.

As with the previous mixes, this track is available for purchase on Bandcamp, as well as on the usual streaming sites. The Harrow plan to release a remix by Second Still in the coming weeks. You can also check out Sean’s latest release as Xeno & Oaklander, the analogue ambient cassette Movements II, on Ghostly International. The next Martial Canterel release, due out on Dais Records, is currently in progress.

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