Ephemeral Eyes, a solo project created by Las Vegas artist Eli A. Quintanilla, is offering us something new and haunting: the single “Breath”. A disembodied human voice whispers and wails above a sparse guitar and drums. It’s menacing, sinister, and truly eerie. We hear the influences of Deftones, The Cure, Molchat Doma, and Angelo Badalamenti in the song’s dark, gothic sound.

The voice has the effect of a wandering spirit trapped in a hallway of the cloisters of a large church or theatre, echoing through dimensions and trying to deliver messages to the living. Is it hallucinatory, or a real warning? The Cure-like guitars add a psychedelic tinge to the effect, anchoring us in the mortal world, but making us wonder…just what is the voice telling us?

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