Two Post-Punk bassists have appeared in a recent Talkhouse podcast. Old friends and Fellow Mancunians Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order and Andy Rourke of The Smiths have a 25-minute conversation where the pair reminisce about how they met, along with their respective legal troubles with former bandmates and more.

Peter Hook appears on the podcast in promotion of his recently published memoir “Substance: Inside New Order,” which leads Hooky to ask Rourke if he’s read Morrissey’s autobiography, to which this exchange ensued:

Andy Rourke: “I’ve had a, ya know, a browse, a browse through it. I was just checking out what he’s saying about me, basically. Went through the index.”
Peter Hook: “Ya know what, that was the reason why I didn’t want to put an index in my book. Because I didn’t like the thought of Barney (Sumner) going in the bookshop and just browsing through the index. I wanted him to have to suffer it!”

>Peter Hook and the Light are currently on tour in the U.K. performing Joy Division’s and New Order’s Substance albums.



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