Multi-instrumentalist Tim Iserman, aka Salo, releases a new six-track EP, Mercy. Formerly of Ritual Veil, Salo collaborated with vocalist Monët Alarie for the track Crucifix, taken from the Mercy EP and released via Dream Friends Records. It’s a dark track with a searing, haunting sax solo, driving the song down a secluded highway with a myriad of twists.

The self-directed video accompanying the track features the duo “smashing many a mirror” and dancing in a foggy set in Salo’s basement. Alarie, also known for Over, DNA MiniFridge, and Lacrima Miles, brought a unique energetic force to the song.

“It’s a song regarding what happens when love cannot be, and how best one can honor not only their own feelings in the situation but the other person’s as well. It’s about saying goodbye,” says Salo. “Working on this track with Monët Alarie was truly an amazing experience; her vocals elevated and inspired this song in a completely new way really coalescing with the track in creating an emotional resonance that is not only heard but felt. I am endlessly grateful for her being down to do a song together.”

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