Self-loathing. long story quickly getting awful
nature is not my thing. I am used; committed honestly like
dropped encounters. I know how this is killing me
right now I feel like puking time can’t help my mind

Portland-based electronic duo Xibling (aka Julian Thieme and Moriah West) have entangled themselves once again with their new, bizarre yet seductive synth-punk melody Maladjusted, the first single and title track from their Maladjusted EP (available on March 5th, 2021).

The disjointed, discordant song-poem melds performance art, stop motion, and unbridled rage in a frantic three minute black and white short film, directed by Xibling instrumentalist Julian Thieme. Vocalist Moriah West, costumed in “repressed businessman” chic, is wrapped and strangled by magnetic tape as she coos the sardonic lyrics. There are elements here echoing Tuxedomoon’s classic video for Jinx, with the mysterious suited figure trapped in an empty white room going slowly mad, but West is firmly rooted in the present, yelping a bleak commentary on modern existence. The band describes their sound as “screaming synthetic similes in a phasing void of war/love & love/war.”

The track was self-recorded and mixed by Xibling (pronounced “sibling”), and mastered by Jeremy Wilkins at Underwater Research and Design.

An intriguing offering from the duo, completely in their own plane of existence, a refreshing approach to experimental songwriting.

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