Portland drone/shoegaze/noise unit FOLIAN announces the release of their hypnotic offering to the EP gods, Mimicking Nothingness. The EP arrives via architect D. Fylstra’s own imprint, Anima Recordings.

“The EP explores the idea of becoming less than you believe to be expected to become, and the refusal to fulfill an assumed form in the eyes of others,” says Fylstra. The album is a cinematic soundscape, sounding as if it is being broadcast through a wormhole connecting dimensions. Drowning in reverb, drone and echo, the haunting collection is the stuff of unsettled dreams. With industrial percussion, muffled voice and powerful ballad hooks hiding in the static for the first two songs, the final track, “Mimicking Nothingness,” is a self-fulfilled prophecy with a cacophonic presentation of scratchy sound waves seemingly designed to assault the listener.

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