Vapid club culture takes a hit in an incendiary EBM banger by Portland industrial act Arkham Sunset: “Dead Scene.”’ Lyrically swiping at the dark side of nightlife, the darkwave-flavoured project, helmed by Gerry Hathaway, is an unrelenting, hypnotic rant from its opening notes. The track utilizes scrapyard-sourced percussion samples and analogue synthesizers; building a punishing, metallic soundscape for Hathaway’s own vitriolic aggression.

“Dead Scene is a club song about what sucks about clubs,” laughs Hathaway. “It observes the irony of how nightclubs should be safe places to escape and celebrate the love of music and energy, but are often breeding grounds for toxic behavior. Of course, there is an element of tongue-in-cheek humor to the lyrics just beneath the surface.”

The video for Dead Scene, filmed in Portland’s railway district, features Daniel Morris (Masonique) on drums, as well as fellow Arkham Sunset vocalist Anastasia Poirier on synthesizer. It’s a simple performance video in a seedy location, highlighting the DIY mood of the scene as well as showcasing the prowess of the three musicians.

Watch the video for “Dead Scene” here:

Dead Scene comes off Arkham Sunset’s sixth EP, Cremation Service. In keeping with the artist’s usual modus operandi, the new EP covers a wide range of styles, including Kraftwerk-esque vintage electronica, new wave, goth metal, and Belgian new beat.

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