Portland, Oregon’s Nyx Division is a post-punk/goth/rock n roll quartet. Straddling the gamut of androgynous sensualities and aesthetics, Nyx Division’s premiere video release, “Orchid Rain”, embodies a liminal world that is as macho as it is fabulous, as sexy as it is refined, and as spontaneous as it is composed. Donning an entirely queer and/or trans cast (save for Slimer the dog), Orchid Rain places Western grit in a shared frame with luxuriant floral arrangements, vivacious lighting, and powerful looks.

Nyx Divison is inspired by everything from the new wave to British Heavy Metal to shoegaze to Grace Jones. Vocalist Domîno Monët describes Orchid Rain as “an exploration of sensuality through a queer/trans lens.”

The song “was born out of a love and appreciation for “all the things that made rock n’ roll, post-punk, and goth music irresistible to us,” says Monët. The band hopes to carry the torch lit by the sensual sleaze of Prince, the unassailable riffs of early era Scorpions, the unstoppable groove of early post-punk drum and bass, and the powerful voices of icons like Pat Benetar and Ian Astbury.”

The band wanted the video to be a fun haven of self-expression, with an intent to center queer/trans voices and experiences. “I wanted to showcase the closeness of queer friendships, as I believe that there is something truly unique, beautiful, and inspiring to be found there,” says Monët. “Making music together has been one of the single strongest threads keeping us in one piece through the ongoing insanity of this pandemic. We want that sense of fun and excitement to translate into our songs. Heaven knows we need to make space for a little happiness every so often. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better time than now.”

Watch the video for Orchid Rain, directed by Anika Spencer, below:

Members Cole Tucker (Temple of Angels/Haunter), Alex Rivas (Adrenochrome/False Figure/Cruz De Navajas/Zotz), Masӧn (Deras Krig/Lӧckheed/B-WARD), & Monët Alarie (OVER/Trance To The Moon) joined forces in 2021. 

Nyx Division’s premiere release, Dark Star, will be available on vinyl and cassette courtesy of Play Alone Records. CDs will be available internationally via Bat-Cave Productions.

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