Portland Darkwave Project Dancing Plague Debuts Video for “Echoes of the Void”

To die in the throes of love

An honest sacrifice

Returning to the dirt below

Enough to end my life

Portland-based act Dancing Plague, a solo project of musician Conor Knowles, has been a steady presence in the dark/cold electronic music scene, releasing a constant flow of independent releases rich in EBM, goth, industrial, and darkwave influences. Now, they announce the release of a spooky new single, Echoes of the Void.

In a droll twist on the time-honoured theme of love’s labours lost, the lyrics to Echoes of the Void from their upcoming album Elogium sketch a romance fraught with drama and decisive turns, where the protagonist finds themselves not just metaphorically but almost comically outmatched by their partner’s formidable presence, evoking the sensation of being gently bulldozed by a feather. This relationship, rife with overtones of doom and high-stakes emotional poker, leads our hero to muse upon an exit as grandiose as it is earthbound, pondering a love so intense it could well warrant a finale beneath the turf.

Complementing this operatic angst is a surrealistic video that C.W. Carter has conjured up, with Hazel Ramsey taking the lead in what could only be described as a spectral fever dream. Phantoms and silhouettes play tag in the corridors of a house that might well double as a stage for the world’s most genteel haunting, bringing to mind the strange, unsettling short films of Maya Deren.

Watch below the video for “Echoes Of The Void” below:

In a brilliant fusion of aggressive electronic rhythms with pop hooks, Dancing Plague intertwines poignant lyrics with the complex emotions of uncertainty in life, love, and aspirations. Against a backdrop of throbbing basslines, rave-inspired synths, and dynamic drum beats, the stories weave through longing, regret, and the difficult acceptance of change and loss. Knowles’ emotive baritone voice adds depth, portraying the relentless passage of time’s erosion.

The arrangement pays homage to the influences of Depeche Mode, Ministry, Cold Cave, and Kontravoid, blending a nostalgic yet innovative vibe. This blend of influences creates a richly emotional yet refreshingly modern sound, marking a unique point in the continuum of melancholic music.

Elogium is out on the 22nd of March via Avant! Records. The album will be available on yellow-orange vinyl, limited to a pressing of 250, and CDs with a limited printing of 200.

Pre-order and pre-save here.

Dancing Plague will be on tour across the United States this Spring:

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