Poptone made their live debut Thursday evening with a performance of Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets, and Bauhaus material. This was the first of two gigs with the trio Daniel Ash,  Kevin Haskins, and Haskin’s daughter Diva Dompe (formerly of Black Black) performing at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles.

The lion’s share of the setlist was Tones on Tail heavy—featuring nine songs from the Bauhaus side project, but also featuring five Love and Rockets tracks, and one Bauhaus song—along with a cover of Elvis Presley’s Heart Break Hotel, and Adam Ant’s Physical. See the full setlist below plus more live footage.

Check out The Portable Infinite for some live photos from Poptone’s debut gig.

Poptone perform again in Los Angeles tonight ahead of their expanding US tour. See tourdates here.

Setlist April 20th, 2017: 

1. “Heartbreak Hotel” (Elvis Presley cover)
2. “OK This is the Pops” (Tones on Tail)
3. “Mirror People” (Love and Rockets)
4. “Movement of Fear” (Tones on Tail)
5. “Happiness” (Tones on Tail)
6. “No Big Deal” (Love and Rockets)
7. “Lions” (Tones on Tail)
8. “Twist”(Tones on Tail)
9. “Love Me” (Love and Rockets)
10. “Performance” (Tones on Tail)
11. “An American Dream” (Love and Rockets)
12. “Christian Says” (Tones on Tail)
13. “There’s Only One” (Tones on Tail)
14. “Physical” (Adam Ant cover)
15. “Flame On” (Daniel Ash)
16. “Go!” (Tones on Tail)
17. “Slice of Life” (Bauhaus)
18. “Sweet F.A.” (Love and Rockets)

“No Big Deal”


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"LIONS" by POPTONE ! ! ! live, 4/20/17 @ The Swing House Studios ! ! !

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