Polish cold wave studio project Minus Band, the brainchild of artist Krzysztof Nowiński, has unveiled the striking black and white video for “Nie widzę tego dobrze”, ominous and brooding song that when translated into English is titled “I can not see this well.”

Driven by dense drums and unsettling synths, the song perches of the precipice of slow, introspective, and dirgelike post-punk and the darker sides of the genre. This shadowy, more aggressive sound, is not unlike that found in the music of the project’s legendary fellow countrymen Siekiera.

“It is a dark journey into the subconsciousness and desperate attempt to get in touch with the person inside,” says Nowiński. “It tells us about the nature of the human mind and the way we reject the painful truth in a voice of the unconscious mind looking for the answer.”

For this single, Nowiński collaborated with guitarist and producer Robert Rogowski, and drummer Jacek Sokołowski. Rogowski transcended genres by bringing his art-rock chops on board, while Sokołowski played a trance-inducing cold wave rhythm for the track.

The video for the song, was self-produced by Krzysztof Nowiński, who incorporates found vintage footage to represent the song’s themes and atmosphere. The clips, arranged in jittery sequence express the song’s metaphor via the claustrophobia of working on a cold war era nuclear submarine, listening from the pings of sonar, and periodically peering through a periscope, trying to half-blind navigate a perilous situation.

Watch the video “Nie widzę tego dobrze” below:

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