Korine, the Philadelphia synthpop duo starring the one of a kind Morgy Ramone on vocals and Trey Frye on keyboards and bass guitar, have set loose on the world another fantastic single from their forthcoming second studio album The Night We Raise, with the video for “Cold Heart”.

“We actually wrote this song a while ago (it’s the ‘oldest’ song on the record) and have been playing it live long before we had an actual recording. I wanted it to have a similar intensity to one’s innermost thoughts, questioning reality and self, spiraling into moments from the past and future.”

“Cold Heart” is bass and synth-driven melancholic 80s pop bliss, with a video drenched in pink, cleverly utilizing television monitors to bridge the distance between Trey and Morgy before the two can hit to the road and play the song live again.

Watch the video for “Cold Heart” below:

Korine’s forthcoming release, The Night We Raise, will be released September 4th jointly by Born Losers Records (US) and Data Airlines (FR), and Other Voices Records in Russia.

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