After spending a better part of a year sequestered from society, Philadelphia synth-pop artist Catherine Moan is ready to “Drop It!”.

The new single from her forthcoming debut album, Chain Reaction, is influenced by 80s pop, indie dance, and cinematic synth scores; weaving a story of digital love, and coping with excessive solitude with your own body in isolation. This track was also co-produced by Trey Frye of Korine.

“Drop It! is about a burst of desire to drop what you’re doing and go out dancing with someone you love,” Moan explains. “I wrote it in the middle of the winter of the pandemic, trying to channel the harsh isolation into an exciting and catchy dance song.“

Paying tribute to early Mute Records offerings, Catherine Moan’s warm, seductive vocals take centre stage in “Drop It!”, a nostalgic synth jam complete with a homemade karaoke jam accompanying clip – complete with a cat cameo. This personal offering is a delightful follow-up to April’s release of her cover of Depeche Mode’s “Fools”.

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