After releasing one of the most refreshing and best releases of 2021 with her debut album Chain Reaction, Philadelphia Synth-Pop artist Catherine Moan returns with her bubbly and effervescent video for “Soda Pop”, a bonus track on the album’s brand new expanded cassette edition.

Like the eponymous beverage most commonly found in orange flavor, Moan crushes hard in a song that spikes insulin levels with every listen.

As she told Flood Magazine for the video’s premiere:

“‘Soda Pop’ is a song I wrote during one of my frequent energy drink binges,” says Moan. “If I have work to do I’ll slam back a Monster and treat it like medication for my ADHD. It’s a simple song about love, addiction, and withdrawal from someone sweet like sugar. Sometimes you don’t realize how deep you are in your obsession until it’s cut off from you and the pangs and manic thoughts come raining down. You can take the message literally or figuratively; maybe you drink too much soda and need a cola breakup anthem.”

Watch the video for “Soda Pop” below:

Chain Reaction, produced in collaboration with Trey Frye of Korine, is out now via Philadelphia’s Born Losers Records.

The album is now available on a special expanded edition cassette that includes ‘Soda Pop”, and a cover of the Depeche Mode b-side “Fools”


1. Drop It!
2. Wasted
3. Soda Pop
4. The Ordinary
5. Faces
6. Fools
7. Body Work
8. Skin Graft
9. Luck Lobotomy
10. Chain Reaction

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