Keep away
Shadow side I’m not strong enough
Pick your bloodflowers apart

Prepare yourself for a journey into the subconscious with a psychedelic single and video from Philadelphia’s Forest Circles: “Choke”. Blending elements of post-punk, dream pop, and shoegaze, mastermind Angel Ocana and drummer Justin Leggo unearth new sonic territory with this expansive track.

The song is illustrated with the kaleidoscopic delight of a high-contrast, monochromatic music video. Scarlet symbols from nature and dreamscape fly through as ephemeral visions; perhaps a nod to the Jungian Red Book. The plaintive poetry of the lyrics are brought to life with a German Expressionism vibe, whirling through imagery as if we are submerged in the dream world. Psychedelic elements keep the video in an ethereal plane, perfect for the ambience of the track.

Watch and listen below:

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