Philadelphia post-punk artist Zadar ascends into the caustic introspection of “The Upstairs Room”, the title track from his forthcoming debut album. The song is the second single unveiled from the LP, following the meditation on isolation, (apropos for the times), “Alien Being”.

Musically the song is reminiscent British positive-punk meets California Deathrock, with its shivering guitars that guide the bassline through the dark twists and turns, like clinging to the banister while climbing a staircase in the dark.

On “The Upstairs Room”, Zadar explains:

“I chose this as the second single because I felt it was one of the tracks that best represented the overall themes and ideas behind the album. The title has a dual meaning to it. It represents the room where I recorded these songs and it also represents the “room” in your mind. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, regrets, people from the past, etc, and how sometimes you can feel trapped by your thoughts and your own mind. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.”

Listen to the track below:

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