“As I stood in the rain, lamentation spread

Like the venom of one thousands asps from the lips of a friend.”

Philadelphian deathrock outfit Academy Order blends oi-flavoured punk energy and classic in-your-face hardcore with the unexpected: a twinkly gothic flair, creating a truly intriguing single called “The Devil Spoke.” If Christian Death, Altar De Fey, Clan of Xymox, The Blitz, Amebix, and Liz Phair decided to form an alliance with the woodland fey to vanquish this evil, you’d have the vibe of The Devil Spoke (Protagonist Music). This dirge of betrayal (and the veritable prison of rage it sparks) plays off as a classic boy-girl conversational duet. The call-and-response lyrics describe a personal hell of anger, memory holes, and vindictiveness: its combination an emotional ouroboros, offered to us from the Devil himself.

Academy Order is comprised of current and former members of Stud Count, Fluoride, and The Dividing Line, with vocalists Matthew Green and Norelle Green blending ear-shattering metal screams, powerpop passion, and a je ne sais quois charm.

“The Devil Spoke” comes off the three-song EP of the same name, which also includes two more tracks: the diabolical “Death In The American South,” whose windswept melody tempers the onslaught of the harsh main vocal, and “Perennial Sun,” with its eerie synths, and lyrical drama woven together with masculine to feminine vocal interplay, the latter of which is exquisitely ensnaring on the exceptionally morbid track.

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