[dropcap]Tommy[/dropcap] Four Seven’s Berlin-based Techno label 47 is due to release a new edition of it’s 4 track EP compilation series—this one being edition 47006, which features Phase Fatalea rising star in the Techno scene—who just killed it recently at Berghain during a 5 hour Sunday shift. Around that time—you may have heard that Conan O’Brien was outside filming comedy bit during his stop in Berlin, but no one cared as the dancefloor was packed while Phase Fatale mixed in EBM and Post-Punk seemlessly into four on the floor techno beats—closing his set with Anne Clark’s Sleeper in Metropolis!

Listen to Phase Fatale’s Under Marble, a pounding and percussive EBM/Techno bio-mechanical banger—heavy on the bassynth, highhat, kinetic drumbeats, and a synth chorus only appropriate for church on Sunday.

Track Listing

  1. Headless Horseman -At The Gates
  2. Phase Fatale – Under Marble
  3. Stephanie Sykes – Sakura
  4. Tommy Four Seven – Bactria 

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