The Riverside program on the BBC was the home of many quirky promotional endeavors, such as the Banshees’ “Play at Home” Alice in Wonderland tea party. However, the post-Bauhaus 1983 interpretative dance  to the track “Hollow Hills” done by the Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy, is by far the most strange—looking like an outtake from Bob Fosse’s snake bit from The Little Prince.

This was a collaboration between The Murph, and his soon to be wife, Beyhan, who had been previously dancing with Yul Brynner in the King & I at London Palladium Theatre before hooking up with the former Bauhaus frontman while he auditioned for a short film she was working on.

Watch a timid interview with Peter Murphy above, with the dance following shortly after.

So…ahem, Peter—I think  we now know where MC Hammer got his trademark pants from..right?


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