In just a few short weeks, Peter Hook & The Light are about to embark on their ninth tour of North America, once again paying tribute to Joy Division with their biggest and most extensive trek to date,

The Joy Division: A Celebration tour will see Hooky and friends playing Unknown Pleasures and Closer in full, along with additional tracks and an opening set of New Order material.

This series of concerts, commemorating 40 years of Joy Division and the influence of Ian Curtis, begins on the 11th of August in Toronto with stops in 22 cities, such as Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, and more, with the band finishing the tour on the 14th of September in Vancouver.

Returning for his ninth tour of the States with Peter Hook & The Light, Hooky comments:

“Definitely one of the highlights/lowlights of my profession is the travelling. It was amazing what a blessing it was not to have to do it over lockdown but amazing again how soon you missed seeing all these wonderful places the world has to offer. You lot in America are so lucky to have such a varied and wonderful country. I can’t wait to get back there, and my mouth is watering at the thought go my first ‘Coffee Shop’ breakfast. I am easily pleased.

“We have always been lucky to have been appreciated as much as we have in The States, ever since our first tour in September 1980. I am hoping for much the same this time. There is definitely a great appreciation for both Joy Division’s & New Order’s music.”

For a taste of what’s to come, a live video performance from 2015 has been released of Peter Hook & The Light performing “Ceremony”.

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