From Lima, Peru comes dark electronic dance outfit Theremyn_4, who have just announced a new album and its lead single, “Art Stealers.”

The creative work of Theremyn 4 is based on various artistic references that founder and producer José Gallo has used to create and compose. “The music and lyrics on this new track are mostly inspired by the aesthetics of Italian Futurism, and their speech on behalf of the virtue of speed, the power of machines, and anarchy in art,” he explains. Gallo, who was in New York a few years ago, was amazed by the sculptures of Umberto Boccioni, a key figure in this movement.

The track features vocalist Lu Falen, who has a voice similar to Trent Reznor. Their 80s synthpop backbeat grounds a more contemporary sound; its repetitive nature is both danceable and catchy.

“My creative process has its own chaos and order,” adds Gallo. “I take ideas from different inputs and try to land that on a single piece of music. Art Stealers is also influenced by the theater, the New York urban environment, and sampling as a tool of artistic theft.”

“Art Stealers” has two versions: the main version, and an extended version that clocks in at eight minutes long. Find them both on Spotify, and watch the video below:

The group Theremyn_4, currently with Nicolás Miranda on the line-up — is returning to performing live shows and is making plans to hit the road in upcoming months.

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