Perverse singer, songwriter, and performance artist PATRIARCHY aka Actually Huizenga has unleashed her latest video for the Iggy Pop inspired track “He Took It Out”.

Well, Actually has created two versions of her self produced, directed, and edited video, as there is one version we can’t show you here…

Here is her description of how the song came…to be:

“He Took It Out” is a song inspired by really hot guys taking their ****s out… for me to worship or for them to worship me with.

But the initial brain-seed really came when I was re-reading that book “Please Kill Me,” and they had a section about Iggy Pop performing. Apparently he played a show in which he got completely naked and just rested his penis on the stage monitor where it vibrated with the bass. I thought that was sooooo sexy so I wrote a little song about it.

When I went to Europe for my Pre-Cum-Patriarchy tour June-July, I met some amazing Parisians and we decided to shoot some footage in the cemetery near my friend’s house – the famous Père Lachaise! At my show, there were many handsome males. The ones who were interested in me (I suppose physically and/or mentally)- well, I simply asked them if they would take their ****s out for a new Patriarchy video. The ones who agreed were the ones you see in the video… I use my shows as bait as you can see. Bait for Beauty.
We found this amazing mausoleum and got naked in it. The craziest part was that as soon as I was laying in that stone grave with Sam, a huge rainstorm started and we all had to take cover inside. We also got locked into the cemetery after hours, but the inside guards were pretty chill. Also, we left roses for the spirit of our location.

After France, I traveled to Athens and met some gorgeous gay boys at a goth party. As per usual, I asked a few of my favorites if they would be down to take their ****s out for a new Patriarchy video.
I went for a run around the Acropolis and found that amazing horse living nearby; I found strange foods at the market; an old lady’s apartment which hasn’t changed since the 1950s, etc, etc, awesome.
After Europe, I stopped in Tacoma for a show, and found some hot guys… Well, as you can probably see, I met and enjoyed all of these interesting people, the art and work flowed together in such a magical way, that it gives me warm shivers. I hope that some of that feeling seeps through to you viewers…

P.s. My new favorite Greek word is Vrykolakas. It means vampire.

Watch the video for “He Took It Out Below”:

We must point on the tongue in cheek nature of the lyrics of the song, which parody toxic masculinity and rape culture. This schtick from PATRIARCHY fits the overall aesthetic of Actually, who looks like the living embodiment of 70s and 80s rock and roll groupies—part Bebe Buell, and Nancy Spungen, with a generous portion Bruce Dickinson in aesthetic—altogether a grotesque amalgam of all the sexual energy from punk, goth, and heavy metal.

Some of you may recognize Actually as the angel in Tamaryn’s video for the “Angels of Sweat”, a video released earlier this year for her latest album Dreaming the Dark.

Rest assured though, Actually is not your angel.

PATRIARCHY’S Asking For It drops November 8th with Dero Arcade

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