Parisienne Electro Synth artist Sydney Valette has unveiled the groundbreaking video for the highly-explosive leading track “Kто болен в городе?”a song featured on his Город Болит EP, which is out on October 22 via French independent label RND. Records.

The record includes two prototype tracks plus their remixes by Iron Court, Poison Point, SUPERNOVA 1006, and Kino Kover.

Here is the info from the official press release on Sydney Valette’s Russian themed EP:

“This time SV, 6 months after his last album ‘How Many Lives’, is back with a not so curious EP… Fascinated by the Russian culture since his childhood. SV decided to take to leap this time with EP sung 100% in the ‘Mother Land’s dialect’. As a result, It features a heavier and darker atmosphere than its previous releases, leaning towards EBM and Techno. This new release is definitely dedicated to the Industrial Realm.” 

Watch the video for “Kто болен в городе?” below:

The whole “Kто болен в городе?” EP is a sonic blast of Aggrotech channeled through a pounding EBM infused beats, clear Electro/Darkwave undertones.

SV dived offers a phantasmagoria of sounds with abrasive and irruptive sonic scapes. In other words: “Thus, the dancefloors shall bleed!”

Stay in touch with Sydney Valette on his Bandcamp, and get ready for the release date October 22.

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