Parisian post-punk trio Sure gets swept away in their video for “Morrows”, the fourth single from the group’s forthcoming new album 20 Years, soon to be released on cult Belgian imprint Weyrd Son Records.

Mixing post-punk and new wave influences, “Morrows” offers dynamic sonic textures, pulsing synths, ardent guitars, and vocals that glide and soar into a stratosphere of heartrending passion.

Sure describe their single “Morrows”, which sees our heroine standing upon a tempest of waves, thusly:

Before life-changing events, it’s easy to drown in the melancholy of what you’re leaving behind, rather than running for the unknown. You can ask yourself « how did I end up here? » or « did I make the right choices? » on repeat… or you can choose which leap of faith you’re gonna take, and hope not to crash down the cliff.

The nagging melody and the hypnotic drum machine reminded us of the ocean’s backwash, something you can watch endlessly without getting bored. If facing those wild elements can help you focus on your situation, you might as well dance it out, and let everything go.

Watch the video for Morrows below:

Sure’s 20 Years is out March 20th via Weyrd Son Records.

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