Parisian post-punk trio Sure following their sweeping video for “Morrows”, have unleashed and brutal and unyielding video for the fifth single from the group’s recently released album 20 Years—a record issued by cult Belgian imprint Weyrd Son Records.

In “Another Girl”, a pulsing synth-infused barrage of intense beats and ionically charge guitars, we see a disconcerting protest again violence towards women while the protagonist’s face, as he sits in a sparse room, morphs into feminine shapes, and ends in blood-soaked chaos to drive the visceral empathy home.

All of this taking inspiration from something held in the palm of your hand, as Sure. explains:

“Being locked up creates loops, like a tape endlessly gathering the dirt around its fabric. To know who we are and come out of that spiral, we need someone else. Humans need an identity to find their place in the world. But sometimes that place seems impossible to take. So we force it, until it gets violent.

An identity is also a face. Our faces have never been so fluid to change and morph. On our phones, we play with them. Swapping your face with the opposite sex is disturbing: we create hybrids, scary or not so far from our own identity. When the game ends, both parties take back their role and everyone gets home amused and reassured.

Not everyone though. If I were a woman, we all know that I’d risk having a violent encounter on the street, or even at home. For all the female faces I could morph with mine, there would surely be one that could end up degraded…”

Watch the video for “Another Girl” below:

Sure’s 20 Years is out now via Weyrd Son Records.

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