Parisian darkwave duo Echoberyl tell a spellbinding tale of a girl whose soul is trapped in a VHS cassette tape following her murder three decades ago in their video for their debut album*s title track, “Apparition”.

The song conjures a period feel with it*s harpsichord synths, altogether evoking the spinetingling sequence in melody not unlike that heard in the infamous “Tubular Bells” in The Exorcist or the theme to John Carpenters Halloween.

The short film “Apparition” was directed by Echoberyl*s vocalist Cecilia Dassonneville, who also stars in the video along with Zoé Basso, who is wearing a Hante shirt, which is a clever and loving node to a fellow French artist in the modern coldwave scene.

Here is Cecilia’s  background on the film

“A young woman moves alone in an old mansion, still full of old stuff. In the basement she finds a VHS tape that catches her attention. She discovers that a woman is confined in it from the Eighties and, eventually, sets her free.”

Watch the video for “Apparition” below:

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