Following the revelry of the new year celebration that also began a brand new decade, Chesapeake Virginia project PAIN IN THE YEAHS, has unveiled anthem for this age of uncertainty with “Animal Within An Animal”.

The song, infused with wistful warmth, poppy, and irresistible melody is described as a:

“nihilist anthem that suggests that we’re still only a few degrees of separation from being animals. It’s about trying to be at peace with that, as well as the things you can’t control, and seeing how small you really are in the grand scheme of things. All of that with the goal of not crippling yourself mentally by taking on the weight of the world.”

Listen below:

Pain in the Yeahs, often referred to as PITY, is the music project of Virginia native James K Ultra (born James Wagner). It was started in 2012 after a long string of hardcore bands, primarily as a means of constructing songs without relying on anyone else. The earlier material took cues from The Cure’s Pornography, with it’s primitive percussion and droning synth sounds. As the sound continued to develop, elements of glam, synth-pop and various eras of rock and roll started to become prominent. The live line up of the band is a fluid group of close friends and confidants.

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