Covering a beloved classic takes formidable courage and talent, but Ontario dream pop quartet Capitol were up to the challenge, when a Creation Records tribute project invited them to participate in doing a song from the label. They chose “Taste of Cindy”, by Jesus and Mary Chain.

“Our hope was to reinterpret rather than imitate, because no one can capture the same magic,” the band commented. “We attempted this as a DIY recording experiment and ultimately made our version super lo-fi and bouncy. It became an exercise of translating the original song’s grunginess into something with a bright summer pulse.”

The result takes the shoegaze oeuvre of Jesus and Mary Chain, amps it up a notch, and takes a turn toward the dreamy, sing-song vibe of a track from the Magnetic Fields classic, 69 Love Songs…perhaps with a side of The National for good measure. It’s a nostalgic, wistful track, but one with a peppier backbeat from the original.

The band released a surreal monochromatic video, which was filmed on VHS by Black Lake. The Creation Records Tribute album’s release date is yet to be announced.

Watch the video below:

Capitol hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and comprised of two brothers and their best friends: Josh Kemp, Robert J. Kemp, Wes Lintott, Matt Lintott, and Chris McLaughlin.

The band released the EP All the Rest of My Heads in September 2021, following their 2019 debut LP Dream Noise and a handful of standalone-singles. Capitol is entering the studio in the summer of 2022 to record their sophomore LP.

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