Belgian three-piece Ohio Mark, despite having a cute name referring to the line of dialog from one of the worst movies ever made, The Room, are far from terrible. Actually, in fact, the band is pretty damn good.

The Antwerp based trio conjure a sonic tempest of reverb and noise, evoking seastorm guitar torrents and windswept vocals echoing the aural palette of shoegaze luminaries such as My Bloody Valentine.

Listen to and watch the video for the band’s third single “Slice XII”—a track culled from their forthcoming Exotism EP, due out Belgian tape label Sentimental

Exotism—which previously released videos for the tracks “Lucid Lake”, and “Shimmers of Darkness in Voids of Happiness”, is out on the 27th of September 2019

Pre-order Here for digital and Here for the limited edition Cassette

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