Enigmatic duo Winkie have enlisted genre-defying NYC trio Cuneiform to re-interpret their single “This Place is Death” through a new remix. This collaborative cacophony transmutes the already abrasive shoegaze and noise rock elements of the original, showcasing just how malleable Winkie’s aural output is for further alterations.

This unrelenting remix, courtesy of Cuneiform, is a caustic “full-on synth assault”, honing in on the vocals and melody in the original version of “This Place is Death”, concentrating them into a metallic barrage of industrial sound.

“The results are… to die for.”

Listen below:

Winkie is a mysterious duo consisting of vocalist/keyboardist Gina and bassist Peter. The pair’s sonic explorations have been likened to a wide array of artists such as Cranes, Killing Joke, Suicide, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, while their unique live performances and visuals draw comparisons to the creative eccentricities of The Residents.

Winkie’s latest album Here Comes Success is out now via Dying Machine RecordsCuneiform also recently released their album Reverse, which includes the track “Unmake”, featuring Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess.

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