Cobbling together touches of new wave, punk, pop, and good old-fashioned rock, Nice To Meet Ya (RatMan Records) is the first offering from NYC’s New Rock City’s forthcoming, as-yet-unnamed album. The charismatic rock duo formed in NYC in 2012, cutting their teeth in the East Village underground scene. Kick, the guitarist, displays a fierce love for crispy, powerful riffs; lead singer Rossano channels Joan Jett and Billy Idol.

Nice To Meet Ya is a ferocious rock anthem about the signs o’ the times. “In an era where confusion has turned into a great tool used to ‘guide’ people’s lives through massive manipulation, we think that it’s imperative to follow our instinct and choose our own path,” says the band. “For this song, we wanted to explore themes of alienation, hypocrisy, confusion and interconnect them with brief moments of hope, unity and rebellion.”

Nice To Meet Ya was produced by Matt Chiaravalle (Blondie, Courtney Love) at Mercy Sound Recording Studios in East Village, NY. The music video, depicting the band performing, was filmed in December 2020 in New York by Paul Grant and produced by Grant and Tom Krause.

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New Rock City’s “Nice to Meet Ya” is out now.

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