“There’s an equality and facelessness to electronic music.”

New York City dark techno maven Nuxx Vomica (aka Madeline Seely) has spent the post-pandemic era cultivating her live sound along the East Coast. She announces the release of “Easy Go,” the lead single and accompanying music video off her five-song EP “FTEV,” her first release with Synthicide.

Venturing into the tenebrous realm of techno, Seely says, felt like a “fun secret.” After immersing herself in an indie/punk environment, she grew weary of the inhospitality of the scene and sought greener pastures. “Getting into electronic music gave me that thing that I didn’t find in other spaces,” she says. “There’s an equality and facelessness to electronic music.”

For Seely, her living space determines what kind of music she creates: “Dark, sometimes grimy, but equally full of life and excitement,” she clarifies. “I find myself connected to spaces and environments a lot, and when I think of the music I make and enjoy, I think a lot about the headspaces that rooms can put me in.” We hear clear inspiration from Boy Harsher on this track, with its languid vocals, but the backbeat itself is pure dancefloor banger.

Remorse and reclamation are also driving creative forces for Nuxx Vomica. With the hypnotic “Easy Go,” the hook “it’s only techno” is, essentially, a flipped bird at her past self, who projected a negative self-image onto others and cared too much about others’ opinions. “It’s like a bratty double entendre,” she quips. “I’m reminding myself that, yeah, it is ‘only techno,’ but it’s the thing I love. It’s what makes me happy…a reminder to actually enjoy what I’m doing, especially when I’m performing.”

The self-directed video shows an interplay between the performer and a “shadow figure” – a haunting metaphor the duality of the soul, and finding one’s own creative path.

Watch “Easy Go” below:

“Easy Go” will be available digitally on February 24, 2023. It will be included on the “FTEV” EP, releasing both on cassette and digitally on Synthicide on March 14, 2023.

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New Yorkers can catch Nuxx Vomica with Sextile on 3 April at TV Eye. Purchase tickets here.

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