Witness, if you will, the unholy ménage à trois of sludge, post-punk, and avant-garde sensibilities, swaddled in rhythmic cycles, abstract patterns, and seriously hard-hitting percussion. Zahn packs a punch for fans of The Jesus Lizard, Torcheor, and The Desert Sessions with its relentless rhythm and texture.

Zahn is a new instrumental noise-rock supergroup.  For this record, Nic Stockmann (Heads., Eisenvater) Chris Breuer (Heads.,The Ocean) and Felix Gebhard (Einstürzende Neubauten) holed themselves up in Peter Voigtmann’s recording studio, Die Muhle, for a two-day recording session incorporating a wide span of genres: early 80s post-punk, Krautrock, electronica, and sludge. Like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, the trio of Stockman, Breuer, and Gebhard have produced a record that shows them in their unique strengths, but which also allows them to tread new paths. They have convened, done sonic ritual, and now offer “Pavian”, a bizarre concept instrumental with a comical, if surreal, accompanying video of sports video footage.

Pavian is an observation of the male species human and/or anthropoid,” the band explains. “The strange rites of alpha male leisure activities and/or sports. The repetitive beat on which ZAHN are riding here, although not very fast measured in BPM, would make for a pretty exhausting stroke pattern on a galley ship – resulting in the rowers accelerating it far beyond the usual 2 to 3 knots. Ahoy!“

The video, directed by Complex Pleasures, has the feeling of a 90s skateboard video, but directed by Tim & Eric for Adult Swim. It’s wry, curious…and perhaps contemptuous of macho culture.

The track was recorded by Peter Voigtmann at Die Mühle Studios in Gyhum, Germany, mixed by Dennis Jüngel at Bedroom Eyes Facilities in Berlin-Friedrichshain, and mastered by Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering in Hamburg.

Hard hitting and free-flowing alike, Zahn is a great experimental undertaking avant la lettre, served with a German avant-garde sensibility. Watch “Pavian” below:

And stream the track here.

Upcoming Shows:

  • Oct 22 Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz (DE)
  • Nov 5 Hathors Noise Fest – Winterthur, Gaswerk (CH)
  • Nov 26 Leipzig, Mörtelwerk w/ Delving (DE)
  • Nov 27 Berlin, Urban Spree w/ Delving (DE)

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