Rejoice! Nine Inch Nails and HEALTH have teamed up and written a new track. After some teasing ahead of the release, the atmospheric, industrial Isn’t Everyone gracefully hybridizes the bands’ sounds. The haunting-yet-clubworthy track bends genres in a post-apocalyptic fervour.

Produced by the two bands and mixed by Atticus Ross, the track will appear on their next album, DISCO4 :: PART II.

The track is HEALTH’s first offering since their collaboration compilation DISCO4::PART I, released in October 2020. The previous album saw collaborations with bands like Xiu Xiu, Ghostemane, The Soft Moon and more, but HEALTH’s enthusiasm for collaborating with NIN in this new endeavour is palpable and infectious. HEALTH succinctly stated: “It’s fucking Nine Inch Nails. That speaks for itself. You don’t need a clever quote to encapsulate it.”

Isn’t Everyone, a track quite reminiscent of Downward Spiral-era NIN, is out now via Loma Vista Recordings.

Check it out below:

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