Nick Knox, classic drummer of influential proto-psychobilly band The Cramps, has died at the age of 60.

News of Knox’s death was shared through social media yesterday by passing was shared on social media by several of his past collaborators, such as Miriam Linna, whom Knox had replaced as the original drummer in 1977, going on to be the longest running drummer in the history of the band.

Knox would sit behind the kit for The Cramps’s first four studio albums, Songs the Lord Taught UsPsychedelic Jungle , A Date with Elvis, and Stay Sick! before leaving the band in 1991.

Previously, back in 2009 Lux Interior, frontman of The Cramps had passed away, effectively putting an end to one of the greatest and most influential rock and roll acts of all time.

Kid Congo Powers, and John D Morton of he Electric Eels, Knox’s band prior to The Cramps, also paid tribute to Knox in his passing.

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