May is the perfect time to do some spiritual spring cleaning and cast out those demons.

Keeping with the spirit, Ghost//Signals, a goth-tinged post-punk outfit from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, announces the release of their first single, “I BEAT MY DEMONS VIA DECISION”, off the upcoming album Lives Defined by Winter Skies via Swiss Dark Nights.

“The song is essentially an account of having your own issues/mental health problems, but other people assuming themselves that they have the quick fix answers – or that you’re fully ‘healed’ because it suits their narrative/motivations,” says the band. “…Much like in boxing/competitive fighting, you can win via a judge decision, but the other fighter might still be completely standing upright, and will come for you another day.”

The video is a simple visualizer, comprised of a camcorder setup and ritualistic elements surrounding it: candles, a cross, flowers. Although minimalist in concept, it does bring forth the EVP vibe with a retro VHS flavour. Sometimes the most effective spell casting is done in secret, with quiet determination.

Watch below:

Ghost//Signals, comprised of Rick Lanning, Eve Robson, Jackson Vert, and George Colclough, are in good company, both in sound and on tour: The Chameleons, ACTORS, My Vitriol, Glasvegas have shared the stage with them already, and they will soon support Desperate Journalist and Gene Loves Jezebel With Jay Aston.

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