Dublin born and Berlin-based musician Candice Gordon has released a tongue in cheek single mocking the resurgence of the alt-right, that resonates with a sound resurrected from the protesting post-punk that emerged during the Thatcher era—40 years ago in 1978.

The Kids Are Alt-Right was recorded in a basement in Texas soon after Trump’s inauguration in 2017. At first glance given it#s may seem like a high-tension parody, has in fact a serious overtone to the lyrics inspired by profiteering market researchers and corporations and far right politicians whose greed and malice is making inroads  in Germany as well as the U.S. and UK.


“I’m aware that the far-right party in Germany is gaining ground in parliament, and I’m aware of far-right (mainly arson) attacks on antifascist and leftist’s property in my neighbourhood in Berlin” – Candice Gordon

Photo by Maren Michaelis

‘The Kids are Alt-Right’ follows Gordon’s eclectic and dark debut album Garden of Beasts and her Shane MacGowan produced EP Before the Sunset Ends.

The single will is being released via Proper Octopus Records on the 16th of March with a launch show in Berlin’s Berghain Kantine.

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Live Dates:

  • 17.04 Ilses Erika, Leipzig (GER)
  • 18.04 Scheune, Dresden (GER)
  • 19.04 Z-Bau, Nuremberg (GER)
  • 20.04 Merlin, Suttgart (GER)
  • 21.04 Studio 672, Koln (GER)
  • 22.04 Wageni, Bochum (GER)
  • 23.04 Trinkhalle, Bochum (GER)
  • 24.04 Potemkin, Bielefeld (GER)
  • 16.05 Birraficio Deli Archi, Viareggio, (IT)
  • 17.05 Michima, Terni, (IT)
  • 18.05 Boa Sorte, Tarquinia (IT)
  • 24.05 Controverso, Scafati (IT)
  • 25.05 Officina 72, Agropoli (IT)
  • 26.05 Alibi, Foggia (IT)

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