These are inspiring times. Post-punk is as alive as ever, and while the internet allows for a much more streamlined method of delivery, it’s often difficult to keep on top of the myriad of excellent music being released each week. With that in mind, we’re trying something a little new here today, focusing on three tracks that have especially caught our ears over the last few weeks, all ripe for discovery and worth a listen and some love. Enjoy!

ARPALICE – “Nobody’s Child”

This synth-driven track hails from Brooklyn-based duo ARPALICE, featuring the talents of Dalila Pasotti (Other Crimes, Amazon Dart) and Andrea Sicco (Twin Guns). We’re especially into the buzzsaw synths, razor sharp guitars, dance floor beats, and strong vocal interplay from Pasotti and Sicco, trading off verses as the song burns and churns. This track hails from a series of demo recordings which are currently available as the band readies their debut record.

Whiner- “Panic Room”

Hailing from New Jersey, this quintet deal in the type of powerful guitar-driven anthems that never fail to hit the spot and set fire to the scene. “Panic Room” is the final track from their most recent You Never Have to Feel This Way Ever Again EP , and channels the cinematic energy of bands like Veil Veil Vanish, The Floor, and fellow New Jersey stalwarts Screaming For Emily. Catch them live in Brooklyn tonight, opening for Suicide’s Martin Rev at Sunnyvale.

Blind Seagull- “Human Being”

The debut video from Russian trio Blind Seagull almost slipped by us, but it’s a barn-burner, through and through. The track kicks off with ominous choral vocals before exploding into a hard-hitting powerhouse of oppressive melodies, four-on-the floor drums, and near jangly guitars, a deep bass synth line permeating the mix. The prolific trio has released a series of EPs over the years, their most recent album issued by the always excellent Detriti Records. “Human Being” will appear on upcoming EP Nails, due out later this year.

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